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Cerebros AutoML Platform - Enabling Predictive AI to Revolutionize Small Business

Why us?

Corporate competitors use predictive AI to automate decisions, save and make money, and avoid risks.

Mid-sized and small businesses often miss out due to the operational hurdles needed to build, maintain, and secure a production system: (The teams needed and the high salaries they require)

What if you could set the playing field level or even set it to your advantage?

Cerebros is an open source company that empowers anyone to build custom predictive AI powered minimum viable apps and proofs of concept quickly and easily on our no - code, no operations AI platform.

With Cerebros, you can harness the power of machine learning to solve a wide range of problems, regardless of whether you have access to "big data" or not.

Train to the same accuracy on less training data and smaller scale hardware. What will you do with the money you would have spent on GPUs otherwise.

Get large model accuracy from small business scale data.

Let us manage your MLops.

Enjoy complete privacy. We never access your data unless you ask us to (e.g to give you live help with your AI project). Additionally, your data is secure here with our defense grade security.